*Japanese name: Yamato Daiwa (大輪 ヤマトDaiwa Yamato?)

Introduced in season one, 11-year old Yamato is the main character. Raised by cats until the age of 5, his foster mother did not allow him to own a B-Daman until Cobalt Blade appeared to him one fateful night. Cobalt Blade, supposedly the best B-Daman ever made. But it gets heavily damaged by Cain McDonnell, one of Yamato's enemies. Following its near destruction, Cobalt Blade is rebuilt as Cobalt Saber, the first B-Daman to use the newly developed Blaster Core (also known as Delta core) system by Armada. This new system allowed the very core of the B-Daman to be modified. Yamato's special attack is Cobalt Power Blast, a powerful attack that utilizes the friction of the battlefield. Yamato somehow looks like a cat. He is most likely named after the powerful Japanese battleship Yamato
In the second season of the anime and second half of the manga, Yamato's Strike Shot is the Drive Shot for his new B-Daman called Cobalt Saber Fire, which would later be upgraded to Cobalt Blaster with the Cartridge system and the Stealth Drive Shot until the final episode in which Cobalt Blaster transformed into Cobalt Blaster Drive Cannon with the R.C. system and the Legend Drive Shot. In the manga, Yamato already begun with having a B-Daman named Cobalt Sword which would be upgraded to Cobalt Blade.
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